Building a Garden Shed In The Backyard – Useful Tips For Crafting A Durable Wooden Shed

Building a Garden Shed In The Backyard – Useful Tips For Crafting A Durable Wooden Shed

Every homeowner needs to build a garden shed to have storage space for garden tools like mowers, trimmers etc. You can also use it for the purpose of poolside storage, like a workshop, or as a playhouse for kids. This systematic guide will show you how to construct a shed in your garden without any hassle.

You will require some inexpensive tools and material to build the shed. Make sure you have safety goggles, wood, hinges, door, basic tools, measuring tape and level ready before starting the work.

The very first thing to do is to figure out whether you need a zonal permit for building a shed. Check with the local zonal office as well as local building inspector in advance.

You need to decide on an ideal location for your garden shed. The structure should be built on perfectly leveled ground and provide easy access to your workspace or garage. Avoid making it over pipes or underground cables because it may cause damage followed by a huge repair cost.

You need to choose one plan before moving out for purchasing construction materials. Estimate the area of the room that will be needed to store your equipment. There are loads of plans available online that homeowners can use.

Now it is time to gather all the materials depending on the plans that you have chosen for your garden shed. Collect everything required for construction so that you do not have to put your work on hold later.

Start your project by installing the decking on the floor, projecting it to the ground properly with a solid foundation such as concrete. Modern wooden sheds are set on concrete blocks or treated-lumber skids. Get some solid concrete blocks placed on compacted limestone to accommodate the slope of the land.

Dig a hole 6 inches deep at each corner and at the center of each long wall. Pour 4 inches of crushed rock into each depression and compact the rock with hand tampers.

Construct the frames according to the plan after building a sturdy foundation. Plan the windows and doors in advance while building the frame.

Attach lumber to the frame of your garden storage shed to construct the walls. Make sure to accommodate your windows and door while creating the walls to build a garden shed that fascinates. Install every element like the walls, windows or door as sturdily as possible.

Install the rafters on walls to build the roof. Rafters make the roof stronger and durable even when using thinner shingles or roofing materials. Follow the plan when installing the roof, making it sure there are no leaks or holes left.

Begin by trimming the perimeter of the roof with drip caps. Install the eave drip caps first and slip them under the roofing felt. Add the rake drip caps and roll out an asphalt starter strip along the eave to overhang it about half an inch. Paint the walls, roof, doors and windows or use a sealant to make it waterproof and attractive.

Sheds can be built in many different sizes and shapes. Check that you have a clear idea of the type of shed you need before you start searching for shed construction plans.

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